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Because we were constantly being asked about large scale water delivery for farms, plantations, vineyards and large scale irrigation, we have made the world's largest ram pump

'The Venturo'

The large-scale (500mm) Venturo Ram Pump was successfully tested and trialed in 2017 - see it working here...

Features and Benefits of the Venturo Pump

tough construction image

Tough stainless steel or steel construction

environment friendly icon

Low impact on the environment

Seradisc particulate filtering

Tolerant to high volumes of particulates

minimal maintenance image

Minimal maintenance required


Large scale savings and quick ROI

Typical Applications for the Venturo Pump

Venturo - the world's largest ram pump

The Venturo Pump is an ideal water delivery system for plantations as it works off-grid, needs little maintenance and negates the use of expensive diesel pumping sytems which are costly and polluting.

Venturo - the world's largest ram pump

Large Scale Irrigation
The Venturo can provide water for large scale irrigation by pumping 24/7 to storage tanks or lagoons, storing water in dry periods for use in drought, improving growth and yields. Also an ideal solution for parks and golf courses.

Venturo - the world's largest ram pump

Livestock Watering
Deliver water to your herd for free (whether it is cattle, sheep or elephants!) - Reduce the need to move herds for drinking while topping up troughs and water holes in a sustainable way while also reducing bank erosion.

Venturo - the world's largest ram pump

Hydro Generation
Produce electricity using a Venturo Pump system.  If you have a constantly running water source, you can use it to generate electricity day and night, 365 days a year - no refuelling, no relying on wind and with little maintenance.

Venturo - the world's largest ram pump

"Water Powered Technologies offer a comprehensive and global  survey option which is the only charge to get a Venturo operating once lease terms have been agreed - the customer gets water where they need it and at a cheaper cost than diesel."

Phil Selwyn   WPT Technical Director

How does it work?

for technical information

How much water can a Venturo System deliver?

for the water delivery calculator

Using the Venturo Pump for Pumped Hydro

for the Pumped Hydro page

Will the Venturo work for you?

to enable us to evaluate your site and project

Are you sure you need a Venturo?

A Papa Multi-Pump system could be the better option for you.

Papa Multi Pump Systems

We don't produce different sizes of Papa Pump - this is because...

Multiple Papa Pumps can work in parallel using the same infrastructure

You can maintain one pump while the others provide continuous water delivery

The major cost is the infrastructure, so buying extra pumps does not mean multiplying the unit cost

multiple papa pump - calculator


If you need more water the Papa Pump system can be scaled up by using a multi-pump system.  Click the link (right) or here to download the multi-pump information sheet (PDF) which will estimate the total delivery from your system.

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