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Planning and Surveying Your Venturo Site

First you need to do some measurements...

Step 1 - Supply Flow

Measure/estimate the available flow of water supply to the pump from your stream or river.  See the guide here.

Step 2 - Supply Head

Measure/estimate the height of your potential Supply Head.  This is the height between your water source and the where you can position your pump.  See the guide to measuring heights here.

Step 3 -  Delivery Head

Measure/estimate the height of your Delivery Head.  This is the height between your pump and to where your water will be delivered. E.g. this could be a hill top storage tank or lagoon.  See the guide to measuring heights here.

Typical Layout Example

Planning your layout correctly is essential for an efficient system and maximizing the potential water delivery.  There are few do's and don'ts - so check out the guide here first.

Below is a typical system layout with the critical measurements indicated by the red boxes.
(Please note that if you are using a weir, this will replace the catchment tank)

site plan and install - Papa Pump Typical Layout

Send your details to us!

Please include as much detail about your project as possible. We need your location - address, post/zip code, map co-ordinates, map image showing property and water source and a full explanation of the project and proposed installation.  Please include as many photographs of the site as possible.

Email your project details here including, if possible, water use, flow rates, required water delivery, seasonal variations, etc.

We will endeavor to reply to you within 5 working days

giving you an overview assessment of the potential and feasibility of using our Venturo pump(s) at your site.

If the project is feasible, our technical director will be in touch to advise on the next steps of site surveying.  Also, our commercial director will contact you regarding your preferred finance model and the possibility of becoming a development partner.

Do you really need a Venturo?

Papa Multi Pump Systems

If you need more water than one Papa Pump can provide but don't need the full output of a Venturo, you should consider a Papa Multi-Pump System - you can run up to 10 pumps in parallel using one supply tank, one supply pipe trench and one delivery pipe to give you an incredible water delivery.  The other advantage is that while you are performing maintenance on one pump, the rest keep going giving you uninterrupted water delivery.

multiple papa pump - calculator

Click the image to download the multi-pump performance chart (PDF) which will estimate the total delivery from your system.

Our Global Survey Service

If the Venturo looks feasible for you, we will come and survey your site and agree on an installation plan.

Venturo Survey
Venturo Digging a Trench
Venturo Flowing Water

Initial remote assessment, then a comprehensive on-site survey and planning infrastructure layout eases the burden of the commissioning cost and gives the customer reassurance of a quality product and installation.  WPT will produce a comprehensive installation plan with a quote for lease payments.  Once agreed WPT will handle installation and commissioning.


Financing Your System
The Venturo Pump will only be part of your water system - planning and costing the system will vary depending on many factors including the size, topography and delivery needs of your particular site.  We also highly recommend that the installation of your Venturo System is carried out by Water Powered Technologies who understand how to maximise the water delivery potential and system longevity with a sustainable and efficient water system.

For this reason we offer a FINANCIAL LEASING MODEL easing the burden of the commissioning cost and giving the customer reassurance of a quality product and install.  The leasing cost going forward would provide a significant saving on the cost of running and maintaining a comparable diesel pump system.

WPT works to attract external funding to install for free while agreeing a long term 'water transfer' cost with you.

Venturo Leasing Model

Become a Venturo development partner

Click below to fill out a form giving yours and the company details. We will contact you to discuss how you can use Venturo large scale water transfer for your business.

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