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Venturo How It Works

Large Scale Water Pumping
without the use of any fuel or electric power

The Venturo does not use fuel, electricity, wind or solar.  It just uses the natural kinetic power from a river or tidal flow and works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with very little maintenance.

The Venturo has a maximum delivery distance of up to 50km and operates at an efficiency of 85%.

Systems can be expected to have an operating life of 50+ years.


Venturo Scale and Output

There 2 main sizes of pump available:

500mm inlet diameter which pumps up to 6.5 million litres per day

1000mm inlet diameter which pumps up to 26 million litres per day

However systems are scaleable and units can be made both larger and smaller to suit particular projects.

Venturo Schematic 1   (off river installation using 500mm Venturo)

Venturo Schematic 1

The Value of Stored Water

Venturo the value of stored water

Delivered free by the Venturo Pump. In addition to generating power, the stored
water will create a revenue stream for the landowner, as farmers use and pay for the stored
water instead of expensive public utility water.

The water is pumped to new/existing storage during wet or flood periods and either sold to farmers or released in times of drought alleviating some environmental issues affecting wild fish stocks.

to download the Venturo Product Information Sheet

Features and Benefits of the Venturo Pump

tough construction image

Tough stainless steel or steel construction

environment friendly icon

Low impact on the environment

Seradisc particulate filtering

Tolerant to high volumes of particulates

minimal maintenance image

Minimal maintenance required


Large scale savings on utility costs

The Venturo Pump will only be part of your water system - planning and costing the system will vary depending on many factors including the size, topography and delivery needs of your particular site.  We also highly recommend that the installation of your Venturo System is carried out by Water Powered Technologies who understand how to maximise the water delivery potential and system longevity with a sustainable and efficient water system.

For this reason we offer a FINANCIAL LEASING MODEL to ease the burden of the commissioning cost and giving the customer reassurance of a quality product and install.  The leasing cost going forward would provide a significant saving on the cost of runing and maintaining a comparable diesel pump system.

To obtain more details on finance and quotations click here.

Technical Director and Inventor Phil Selwyn explains how the Venturo works and discusses the potential for large scale zero energy water pumping. See the video here

White Paper on Venturo Plantation Applications. Download the pdf here.

Current Venturo Development Projects.  Download the pdf here.

Is your priority to reduce carbon emissions?

The Papa Pump has Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions

See how this compares with diesel and electric sytems.
Download the CO2 Calculator here.

The Venturo Pump has been trialed and tested for the

Cornwall Hydro Generation Project

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in association with Innovate UK and the University of Strathclyde

Click here to read more about our Pumped Hydro Scheme

The next step...

If you think a Venturo Pump couldwork for your project, the next step is to send your measurements, plans, photographs and summary of the project to Water Powered Technologies who will look at the project and contact you about the next steps.

First, we need your full details.  Please submit your details by clicking on the button below.

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