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Papa Pump Sureflow will it work for you?

How a Sureflow Valve can work for you.

Adding the Valve to your existing Papa Pump System

If you have a Papa Pump but your stream or river is not producing enough flow to keep it constantly running, you can add Sureflow Control to your existing system.  This will automatically stop your pump when the flow is low and automatically start it again when the flow picks up, enabling you to maximize the water delivery from a small or intermittent watercourse.  No more constantly restarting the pump! 

See below to see how to add Sureflow Control to your system...

Installing a New Papa Pump and Sureflow System

If you are installing a new Papa Pump System with Sureflow Control you will need to measure and plan your water system.  You can incorporate the Valve easily in the Papa Pump System - just remember to include a conduit between your Supply Tank and the Pump Chamber.  This is covered in the Papa Pump section which you can find here...

 to plan, buy and install a Papa Pump/Sureflow system.

Sureflow Installation

The Float Assembly is fitted to the Supply Tank
The Sureflow Valve is fitted to the Papa Pump
The Filter is fitted in the Pump Chamber
and the Conduit houses the 3 lines joining the Sureflow Valve to the Float Assembly

Papa Pump Sureflow Layout

How to Buy

The Sureflow Valve is a new product from Water Powered Technologies and is available by special order.  Please use the contact details below to order yours today.

By phone 301-704-2015

By email  -

Papa Pump Sureflow Kit
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