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Papa Pump Sureflow how it works

How the Sureflow Control Valve system works

As the level in the supply tank drops, a float arrangement causes its rotary valve to operate.  This valve allows water pressure to act on the upper side of a diaphram in the valve while venting pressure on the lower side of the diaphram, thereby closing the valve and preventing water flow through the pump.

As the level in the supply tank rises, the float arrangement reverses, allowing water pressure to act on the underside of the diaphram, allowing the flow valve to re-open and automatically restart the pump.

At times of low-flow in watercourses, this system can also automatically restrict the abstraction of water when it is below a minimum level in accordance with environmental considerations. This allows the system to operate fully automatically to the mutual benefit of ourselves and the environment.

Papa Pump Sureflow Valve academic partners

Schematic layout of a typical complete system

sureflow schematic layout image

Schematic showing float operation

sureflow float valve schematic operation image

Phil Selwyn explains how a Sureflow Valve can automatically stop and start the Papa Pump to give you maximum delivery from small or intermittent flows

Farmer Roderick Hayes explains how adding a Sureflow Valve to his Papa Pump System has solved all his water problems.

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