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A quick comparison between the Seradisc Filter Screen and a can filter

Comparison table between Seradisc filter and can filter

Key Features

Variable grade screening

adding extra discs to the Seradisc filter

The Seradisc filter includes 16 discs which screen particulates of approximately 3/16" and above. Screening of smaller particulates is achieved by installing additional discs (packs of 16 available separately) onto the assembly. The maximum number of discs that should be installed is 42, providing screening of approximately 0.004" and above.

Easily adaptable for shallow submersion

To enable the filter to operate in a relatively shallow water depth without the ingress of air, the discs have break-off tabs allowing a portion of the disc to be broken off to facilitate lower immersion. In this case, the minimum depth of water is 5.1".

Seradisc filter cut for shallow submersion image

Easy Cleaning

The Seradisc filter can be cleaned by simply running a finger along the discs. Heavier contamination may be removed by rinsing the Seradisc in a container of water, or by hosing down.

cleaning the Seradisc filter

Multi-purpose 2" adaptors

The Seradisc filter is supplied with two 2” adaptors which can either act as a cap or by knocking out the inner disc, as a straight connector. Also supplied is a flexible coupling for connecting the filters to pipes without threaded ends.
Seradisc filter adaptor knock-out

Modular and Expandable

For increased capacity or larger diameter pipes,  Seradisc units may be connected in multiple configurations as illustrated in the examples below. Note the flexible coupling shown is included in each Seradisc kit. 

filters connected in series

3 Seradisc filters in series configuration

filters connected in parallel

6 Seradisc filters in parallel configuration

filters connected multi-dimensionally

Seradisc filters in multi dimensional configuration

Seradisc Performance


filters in parallel configuration

performance 2 Seradisc filters in parallel configuration

Particulate sizes are calculated. Due to the flexible nature of the discs, Seradisc filters fitted with lower numbers of discs may allow ingress of particulates slightly larger than as indicated

filter with 16 discs

Seradisc filter performance with 16 discs installed

filter with 32 discs

Seradisc filter performance with 32 discs installed

filters in series configuration

3 Seradisc filters performance in-line configuration


By configuring a number of filters in series, the flow rate will remain the same as for one filter. However, the benefit is that the cleaning interval is increased.

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