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Optional Extras for the Seradisc Filter Screen

Pack of 16 discs

The Seradisc kit comes with 16 discs as standard, providing particulate screening of approximately 3/16" and above. This pack of 16 extra discs are either for replacement or adding to your filter screen to reduce the standard screening size. The maximum recommended number of discs is 42, which will screen particulates of 0.004" and above.

spare pack of 16 Seradisc filter screen discs

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Manifolds for high-volume pumping

The flow through a Seradisc filter fitted with the supplied 16 discs is 300 liters/minute. For applications requiring a higher flow, various designs of manifolded systems can be tailored to your specific high-volume pumping application. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be pleased to supply a quotation.

bespoke Seradisc filter screen manifolds for high volume suction

Filter Screen Protector and Float Kit

The optional stainless steel protector cage can be easily fitted to the Seradisc filter, protecting it from obtrusive obstacles and impact damage. The cage  incorporates a hole for the attachment of the included float which when assembled, allows the filter to sit just below the water surface, avoiding undue agitation and ingestion of  lower-lying sediment and surface debris

Protector Cage and Float

float assembly option for use with Seradisc filter screen

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Assembled to Seradisc Filter

float assembly option assembled to Seradisc filter screen

see the floating Seradisc video

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