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papa pump gold stars

Pumping water from fenced off rivers - use a Papa Pump to water your livestock using no fuel or electricity and fence off the watercourse to reduce erosion, water pollution and save money on your bills!

Chinese farmers self-installed 2 Papa Pumps to pump water to their hillside village. Exhausted water supplies a paddy field and the natural environment is not spoilt by diesel pumps or cables.

US engineer Nolan, a water pump enthusiast, bought himself a Papa Pump.  It was unlike anything he had seen before and was so excited, he and his friend Epicenter Bryan made a video about it!

Water Powered Technologies recently teamed up with the charity 'Singing Gorillas Projects' to install a Papa Pump which delivered water to a hill top village in a remote part of Uganda.

Emma's land is off-grid and she needed to get water from her stream up to the barn on the hill so she decided to self-install a Papa ram pump. With a little help from friends, she found it relatively easy.

Borneo - the Living Waters Charity homes over 600 orphans/disadvantaged children at the Living Waters Village. Their self-installed Papa Pump delivers 32000 liters water/day -for free!

Part 1. Michael loves building ram pumps but when it came to a reliable and more efficient water delivery up to the farm he found they were false economy

Part 2. Michael loves building ram pumps but this final part shows how he found the Papa Ram Pump system to be far superior to the home-made versions.

Papa Pump Videos

Large Scale Livestock Watering
on Devon Estate

Papa Pump system produced
a saving of $24,000 / year

Exmoor farmer explains why he retrofitted a Papa Pump

Superb golf course installs 2 pumps, pays back in first year

Remote sewage plant saves
on manpower and equipment

How the Papa Pump operates in very low/variable flows

Leading UK agricultural school saving carbon and energy costs

Experiences of new and old
Papa Pump customers

Farmers save costs by self-installation

Customer explains the benefits of retrofitting the Papa Pump

The Papa Pump helping off grid communities in Uganda

Water Catchment at a National Trust Property in Derbyshire

Now, Chinese village can grow 2x rice crops raising village incomes

Installation Videos

'How to Install a Papa Pump'
Step by Step Video Guide

Plan and Install a Papa Pump

'How to Re-assemble a Papa Pump'
Instructional Animation

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