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Pumped Hydro Storage

Pumped Hydro Storage Made More Efficient & Eco-Friendly

A Scottish company has called for the British Government to put pumped hydro storage at the center of its strategy to meet the challenge of providing a secure, low-carbon electricity supply in the coming decades:

The Water Powered Technologies “Venturo” pumped hydro generation system uses no electric or fossil fuel power to pump water and simply uses existing or enlarged water storage on farms – giving remote areas megawatts of power potential to feed into the grid when there is no wind, as well as giving farmers and wildlife more water for use in drought. Water Powered Technologies’ large Venturo pump is an ideal vehicle for hydro generation. Using proven 21st century ram pump design, it pumps water from a flowing water source to high level ponds and reservoirs where the water can then be fed back ‘on demand’ through turbines to generate electricity. These systems, in adequate numbers, could provide an efficient means of buffering to the national grid whereby this locally held power resource could be called on during the peak demand periods to prevent the risk of power outages.  And because they could act locally, a Venturo system for hydro generation would incur lower transmission losses than other centralised alternatives.

While the current strategy is a good one, it could become a great one by using the world’s largest ram pump that uses no electricity or fossil fuels to move the water to higher ground:

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