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Off Grid, Survivalists, Preppers, and Sustainable Agriculture Enthusiasts Declare Your Energy Independence! Pump Water 24/7/365 Without Electricity, Gasoline, Wind, or Solar Power.

You are off grid for whatever reason - survivalist, prepper, sustainable agriculture enthusiast, or you just live far from public utilities - and you know you need a low cost, reliable, long lasting, easy to install solution to supply water to your property.

There are any number of cheap, homemade ram pump designs available including old 450-pound behemoths made of cast iron and powered by electricity.  BUT, with high-tech composite WPT technology in our pumps, there are NO moving mechanical parts to wear out, only 2 patented low-cost EPDM valves.  It can deliver significant volumes of water over long distances and to elevations of over 150 yards!  This means that maintenance and valve replacement is kept to a minimum - but when it is required, replacement is simple, can be carried out on the spot and the cost is very low.  Many of our pumps have been operating for years with the original valves!  And we include a spare set of valves in the pump kit for peace of mind, which is important to people living off grid.

This makes the Papa Pump a great solution for minimal visual impact on the environment - no solar panels, no windmills, no wires.  It is small, weighs only 9 pounds, and helps the installation keep a low profile, and that's important for preppers, survivalists, and people wanting to minimize impact on the environment.

Two American engineers discuss their new Papa Pump Kit.

5 Reasons why the Papa Pump is Great for Off Grid Living

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D.I.Y. installation
with low maintenance and servicing

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Quality Product with High Reliability
no expensive repairs


Low Noise
Low Visibility

Papa Pump 24/7 operation

24 Hours a Day

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Store excess water for Micro Hydro

How the Papa Pump can Work for your Off Grid Homestead

Papa Pump US off grid homestead layout

If you have water from a spring, stream or river but it needs to be delivered to your property, the Papa Pump hydro ram is the perfect solution.  Without the use of any electricity or fuel, it will pump water over long distances and to impressive heights of over 150 yards.  It works 24/7/365 rain or shine and because the technology is so simple using NO MOVING MECHANICAL PARTS, there is little to wear out or go wrong so you'll save on maintenance costs and gain peace of mind.

Pump and Store
The idea is simple - you pump water when it is plentiful to a storage tank at the highest point on your property - to use where and when you need it!  You can gravity feed the stored water to animal troughs, for irrigation or to your home for domestic use.  You can even use it for micro generation to help power your homestead, a key consideration for off grid living that by definition requires independence from public utilities.

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