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Press Release
posted 7/23/2020


How to Pump Water to Lower Your Carbon Footprint, Save Money, and Help Change the Stodgy $75B Water-Pump Industry

Innovative, disruptive, and eco-friendly technology empowers public water utilities and end users to create their own “mini green new deal”

– Patented technology pumps water to impressive heights and distances without electricity, fuel, solar, or wind, just the power of flowing surface water itself

– The Venturo Pump is the world’s largest zero-energy ram pump and enables revolutionary large-scale water delivery 24/7 without electricity, fuel, solar, or wind

– The Seradisc Filter is a generational leap in protecting water pumps and threatens the sleepy water-pump industry that’s grown fat on high maintenance costs – the lucrative replacement-parts supply chain – due to sub-par filters

Olney, MD (Viz Release) July 23, 2020 – – Water Powered Technologies (WPT) is disrupting the staid $75B water-pump industry with the launch of its “mini green new deal.”  Its innovative and eco-friendly pump and filter technologies empower public utilities and end users to eliminate their use of electricity and fuel, lowering their carbon footprint and operating costs.

Worldwide, there are millions of water pumps in use by utilities and end users and most of them are powered by electricity or fuel and are expensive to operate and maintain.  In fact, their basic design hasn’t changed much in 100 years.  Solar and wind-powered pumps are improvements but they have limitations compared to WPT’s Papa Pump (

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Leading Africa focused farm commodity aggregator Seedlink and Water Powered Technologies are joining forces in a ZERO CARBON IRRIGATION PARTNERSHIP to help Africa’s farmers pump and store water.

posted 10/15/2019


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Water Powered Technologies and University of Strathclyde awarded joint funding by UK Research and Innovation for S Africa pumping solutions focusing on Uganda and Malawi

posted 08/19/2019


download the full press release (pdf) here

International Sales & Marketing Director
Competitive salary + bonus + opportunity for equity

posted 07/17/2019

Cornwall, South West England based Water Powered Technologies Ltd (WPT), is looking to recruit an experienced sales and marketing director to lead its UK and International sales & marketing efforts. WPT is a R&D focused business and this new role will properly take to market a range of IP-protected water products that have been developed.It comes at an exciting time in the company’s development and creates an exceptional opportunity for a well-motivated individual to create significant value for themselves and be at the centre of a team, building a meaningful international business.

The Company:

Over the last decade WPT has successfully raised investment to develop, patent and test a range of award winning water management systems for Agriculture, Water Utility, Development Aid and Hydro power sectors. WPT is now ready to start selling these products in volume and is looking to expand its team to do so successfully.
The Papa pump moves water without electricity or diesel and represents the first of many products being developed by WPT in the rainwater harvesting, urban drainage, water utility and hydro power sectors.
The market for the Papa pump is proven, with 1000’s of units sold to date. It is a unique product with few direct competitors and if properly communicated and marketed will sell in large quantities. New distributors have recently been signed up in Colombia, New Zealand and Uganda and many more territories are showing promise.
WPT is backed by high net worth individuals and is well funded. It has good contacts in China where it has set up high-volume manufacturing supply chain.
WPT is at its core, an R&D focused business with specialisms in applying advanced composites to water management products so replacing expensive diesel & electric pumps with little / minimal maintenance products to address water and energy shortages affecting most countries and communities globally.

Role Objectives:

  • Take overall responsibility for the sales & marketing of the business, developing the worldwide sales, marketing and distribution strategies
  • Lead sales and marketing to maximise WPT’s opportunities worldwide.
  • Be a key part of the company’s transition from an R&D-focused operation into a lean, sales-focused business selling in high volume.
  • Build, develop and manage a worldwide network of distribution partners, focusing on volume and margin.
  • Lead all marketing and PR

Role details and remuneration:

This is a new, senior role which will come with a directorship and equity options for the right candidate, as well as a substantial commission and bonus package.
The company is based in Cornwall UK and one director lives in London. Location for this role is flexible but does require international travel.
The successful candidate will be self-motivated, ambitious and able to cut through complexity to craft a simple and compelling sales message.
Experience of the Irrigation / Agriculture / International Aid / Water Utility or Renewable Energy sectors would be an advantage - but more important is international sales experience and/or experience of selling and marketing via global distributers.

To apply:

Please email:
1) Your CV
2) a covering letter detailing your experience and why you feel you are suitable for this role to

Please email if you require more information. Closing date for applications: 1st October 2019

Press Release 03/20/2019

OLNEY, Md.March 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The "green solutions" landscape has a fresh face as British ingenuity and engineering expands into North America.  Water Powered Technologies (WPT), headquartered in Cornwall, U.K., is making its proven zero-power water delivery solutions available to:

  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Government Entities
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Off-Grid Communities
  • Public Parks
  • Golf Courses
  • Fish Farms
  • Water-Treatment Facilities
  • Home Owners Associations

"We are delighted to have the opportunity to serve people and communities in the United States and Canada," said Phil Selwyn, inventor, founder, and CEO of WPT.  "Our eco-friendly water solutions use disruptive technologies that upset the applecart of almost all incumbent water-pumping businesses and equipment manufacturers and repairers with long-time ties to water pumps that use electricity or burn fossil fuels.  We are the 'champion' of the end user who benefits from our water-delivery solutions that require no external power, especially those users who are environmentally conscious and seek long-term solutions."

WPT's mission is the development and deployment of simple water pumping, storage and associated technologies that use the natural power of water from 'Sky to Sea' to deliver globally sustainable water and energy solutions with minimal environmental impact and long- term economic benefits to users.

WPT also recognizes the strong NGO and philanthropic culture that exist in the U.S and warmly embraces opportunities to assist with foreign development projects where simple and fuel free water pumping can transform lives and communities.

Spearheading the expansion is Frank Howard, Director – North America, who lives in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C.


SOURCE Water Powered Technologies US

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