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Helping African Farmers To Increase Yields

Helping African farmers to increase yields

Leading Africa-focused farm commodity aggregator Seedlink and Water Powered Technologies (WPT) are joining forces in a ZERO CARBON IRRIGATION PARTNERSHIP to help African farmers pump and store water. They have agreed to roll out a range of large and small irrigation technologies that pump and store water without the cost and carbon associated with fossil fuel. The Partnership will increase employment and climate resilience for communities while allowing western consumers to support a sustainable increase of farmers’ incomes across Africa.

Training will be offered to groups of smallholders and larger farm operators to install a range of WPT’s zero carbon irrigation systems. The Partnership will also work together attracting financing to support farmers in using this globally patented UK technology product range to get the best of their available water sources for increased food production.

WPT’s products are focused on water pumping systems that use no electricity or fuel, only the natural power of flowing water.  Their range of patented products range from the Papa Pump, 1000’s of which are already globally operational, to the large scale Venturo water pump.  As part of this zero carbon partnership, WPT aim to launch its larger Venturo irrigation system which could offer plantations, water utilities and hydro power sectors the ability to pump and store water for their respective applications.  WPT is working with a range of leading NGO’s and Development Finance Institutions to deploy its award-winning irrigation technology across Africa, Latin America and Asia.

“With 1000’s of working systems globally, we have designed our range of large and small irrigation systems so that groups of small holders or larger plantations can pump and store water to rapidly increase productivity without using the alternative of expensive and polluting diesel. Our systems will be helping African farmers who are exposed to more intense rainfall and longer, drier periods and enable them to maximise their food production by storing more water when it is there.” said Phil Selwyn, Founder and Technical Director, Water Powered Technologies Ltd.

Seedlink Ltd  is already working with 1000’s of small holder farmers trialling new crops for local and international markets as well as supporting the sustainable increase of crop yields.  Seedlink also help multi-national buyers source crops direct from smallholders, often paying higher prices than the local markets giving farmers more income as well as allowing western consumers greater traceability of the sustainably grown crops.

“Africa’s farmers can rapidly increase yields for many crops with zero carbon irrigation while not suffering from increasing fuel costs which limit their incomes. At the same time Western customers can be confident the increased volume and variety of crops grown can help African farmers and their local communities while being traceable – from farm to fork!”  said Muhammad Altalib, Managing Director. Seedlink Ltd.

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