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Innovation Can Avert The Food Crisis

World food crisis – innovation can avert

With inceasing population and climate change, there is an impending world food crisis and if we are to be able to feed the future world we need innovation for food production and logistics.

Water Powered Technologies are dedicated to producing water systems which use no electricity or fossil fuels. Unlike boreholes and wells, our systems put no strain on underground water resources (aquifers). They deliver by using available flowing surface water, pumping and storing it to alleviate drought, all without using any electricity or fuel.  It has been proved that using the stored water for irrigation can increase yields and consequently the prosperity of the community by being able to feed more people and helping to avert the world food crisis.

Based on old, traditional hydro ram principles, Water Powered Technologies has advanced the original design with modern materials and a patented new Venturi Valve which has enabled the Papa Pump to be lighter, smaller, more durable and more efficient than the old traditional cast iron ram pumps. Using the new valve has increased efficiency and the use of modern material has increased the durability of parts and reduced costs, for instance replacing a Papa Pump valve is a fraction of the cost of the traditional valves.

“It is probably the world’s simplest and most cost effective water pumping solution!”

For more information on how our environmentally friendly water pumps can help avert the world food crisis, please email us, or go to

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