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Water supply solutions using no electricity or fossil fuels will result in
large scale savings!

If you run a water intensive business like a golf course, plantation or fish farm with access to a flowing water source on your estate, you may be in for a very positive surprise because your investment in a Papa Pump system should have a payback over a couple of years and then give you free water for life.

Commercial applications include:

how a Papa Pump can enable large cost savings at a water treatment plant

how a golf course saved money after installing a Papa Pump system for irrigation

Stop paying for drinking quality water when you don't need to!

Using drinking water (public utility supplies) for cleaning, watering and sanitation is costly and in a commercial operation, is like pouring money down the drain.

If you have a nearby stream or river, you can install a Papa ram pump and deliver water for free!  And a simple Papa ram pump system can often save you paying for costly infrastructure and pipework, in rural RV parks, fish farms, remote treatment plants and plantations.

papa pump installation at Chudleigh Knighton STW image

For large-scale water delivery, please see this page

How Green is the Papa Pump?

The Papa Pump is a renewable source of energy that uses no electricity or fossil fuels.  This graph shows the estimated amount of CO2 emissions generated by pumping 20m³ water/day 100m high over a period of 10 years. The Papa Pump emits Zero Carbon Dioxide!

As many of the world's aquifers are now in distress, pumping out ground water from a well or borehole is harming the environment.  That's why the Papa Pump uses available surface water - NOT GROUND WATER -  and so does not impact on the water table.

comparison of Papa ram pump CO2 emissions
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