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Introducing our no-fuel usage Water Pump...

Free water - No Public Utility Bills and virtually No Running Costs
pump up to 150 meters in height and over long distances! No moving mechanical parts to wear out!

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Made from a non-corrosive and hard-wearing composite specifically developed for metal replacement. The pump also uses our patented EPDM valves to deliver water over long distances and to impressive heights
WITHOUT THE USE OF ANY FUEL OR ELECTRICITY, just the natural power in flowing water.
and unlike cheap home-made pumps, contains NO mechanical moving parts to wear out!
Our patented EPDM valves are long-lasting, easy and cheap to replace!
Find out more about the Papa Pump on our dedicated Papa Pump website here.

If you have a flowing water source on your land and you are still paying for water either by paying public utility bills or in fuel, maintenance and pump repairs, let's see how much money you can save, because by installing a Papa Pump system you can get...

free water - for life!

Water Powered Technologies’ patented ram pump system pumps your water for free 24/7 to help you

improve profitability and productivity on your farm

(and it doesn't matter if you're a smallholder with few livestock and crops or a company with a large plantation!)

You can use your pump for livestock watering, irrigation or general use, just like these customers...

Large Scale Livestock Watering on Devon Estate

Exmoor farmer Guy Everard retrofits a Papa Pump

A Papa Pump system produces savings of $24,000+ / year

Pump and Store for Sustainability

If you have water from a spring, stream or river but it needs to be delivered to your property, the Papa Pump hydro ram is the perfect solution.  Without the use of any electricity or fuel, it will pump water over long distances and to impressive heights.  It works 24/7 day and night, rain or shine and because the technology is so simple there is little to go wrong, so you'll save on time and maintenance.

Pump and Store
The idea is simple - you pump water when it is plentiful to a storage tank at the highest point on your property - to use where and when you need it!  You can gravity feed the stored water to animal troughs, for irrigation or to your home for domestic use.  You can even use it for micro generation to help power your home or business.

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