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Agriculture: Greatest Source Of Water Pollution

Agriculture: Greatest Source of Water Pollution

A recent news report identifies agriculture as the greatest source of water pollution

Concerned that agriculture is the greatest source of water pollution, the US federal government and some state governments are funding the installation of livestock water systems.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has mandated that watersheds for the Chesapeake Bay reduce the levels of nitrogen and phosphorous pollutants.  Livestock waste in streams has been determined to be the main polluting source in these rural areas.  These programs are providing 50-100% cost share to fence off the streams and install livestock watering systems.

OPPORTUNITY FOR FARMERS: Instead of using old-fashioned water pumps that require external power (electricity or fossil fuels) and routine expensive maintenance, install Papa pumps from Water Powered Technologies that use only naturally-flowing water to pump water to impressive heights of up to 150 meters and over long distances.  It’s essentially free water!  The Papa pump runs for 20 years or more with minimal maintenance, and is a perfect add-on to gravity-flowed livestock-watering systems.  If you are fencing off your livestock from streams and pumping water to their watering systems, you can gain the additional benefits of 1) reduced electricity bills, 2) water independence by pumping and storing enough water to meet your entire operation’s needs, 3) quick pay-back period, and 4) an eco-friendly solution using zero-power Papa pumps.

In these days of increasing operating costs and flat commodity prices, farmers’ margins are being pinched.  So why wouldn’t you be interested in a solution that reduces your electricity and water bills, increases your water independence and is eco-friendly?  You can improve your financials and do your part to fight agriculture being the greatest source of water pollution!


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