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When you stock a Papa Pump you will be supported with generous prices, marketing support material and your personal marketing/sales contact.  The Papa Pump is a unique product for the retailer because the value of add-ons exceeds the value of the core product.  While you get a generous margin on the Papa Pump Kit, you can multiply that profit by selling pipes, tanks, concrete rings, troughs and accessories.  And these add-ons are 'essentials' - most people installing a Papa Pump System will be needing these materials.

New Pump Box

The Papa Pump Kit
Retails at $1800
includes Papa Pump Kit, Pressure Vessel, 2 x Seradisc Filters, Delivery Hose Assembly, Connections.

sell add ons
Galvanised Steel Pipe

Galvanised Steel Pipe
Essential material for Supply Pipe.
Typical requirement: 3 to 6 meters.

Concrete Ring

Concrete Rings Recommended for Catchment and Supply Tanks, Pump Chamber, plus lids, ladders, etc.

Soil Pipe

Soil Pipe Recommended for inlet pipe, feed pipe, overflow pipe, standpipes and drains. Typically: 50-100 meters.

Storage Tank

Storage Tanks Recommended for Delivery Tank. Typically 5,000, 10,000 or 20,000 liter tanks dependent on system.


MDPE Recommended for Delivery Pipe and Trough Supply. Typical requirement: 500 to 1,000 meters.


Troughs Essential for a gravity fed system. Typical requirement: 6-12 troughs + accessories.


Filters UV and Mineral Filters recommended where water will be used for domestic supply.

The Papa Pump Kit and Seradisc Filter are presented in eye-catching boxes.  There are bespoke stands for display with a video and accompanying information leaflets.  Both products have dedicated websites for product information, instructional videos, guides, case studies and customer reviews.

marketing support

Display Stand
Papa Pump information stand for displaying the Papa Pump with video card and leaflet holder.

Display Stand

Printed Support
WPT will supply a range of leaflets, posters and banners.

Pump Days
WPT can host 'pump days' from our promotional trailer. (UK only)

WPT Trailer

In partnership with the retailer WPT will run regular promotions.

If you are not a current distributor, but would like to be...

...what type of distributor do you want to be?

We welcome new agents or distributors in areas where we do not currently have local representatives.
To qualify as a WPT distributor you must:

•  Have experience in the agriculture, the water industry or groundworks.

•  Be willing to abide by WPT’s retail and marketing guidelines.

•  Commit to buying stock as part of the agreement.

In return we offer a 2 tier distributor price structure…

Distributor Lite

Designed for small agricultural or water companies.

•  Smaller stock investment
•  Install a working demonstration pump
•  Receive a discounted trade price (30% discount)
•  Free remote technical support

Full details on request
Please fill out form below

Full Distributor

Designed for larger companies and retailers.

•  Larger stock investment
•  Receive a larger discounted trade price
(dependant on stock investment)
•  Exclusive trading territory
•  Free remote technical support
•  Training provided
•  Marketing support.

Full details on request
Please fill out form below


To apply, or receive full details, please fill out this form.

(Available for Existing Distributors Only)


Not for you?

but you have experience in groundworks or water pumps

Become a WPT approved Papa Pump Installer

click here for more details

If you would like to apply to receive a full distributor pack which will include all the literature
and information an agent or distributor would need...

Want more information on becoming an agent or distributor for WPT?
Please contact or call +44 1288 354 454

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