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Papa Pump Academic Partners

Water Powered Technologies are at the forefront of water pumping technologies that use no fuel and have worked with many universities and institutions over the years. We welcome interest from academic partners in research, engineering and technical innovation.


Water Powered Technologies is best known for the Papa Pump - UK engineer and inventor Phil Selwyn, thought that a modern version of the traditional ram pump could be an ideal solution for today's world of high energy prices, pollution, water shortages and environmental awareness.  Unfortunately there were some design and operational flaws with the traditional hydro ram: the weight and cost of the cast iron body; the forces applied to the mechanical clack (or check) valve which were so high that the valves would regularly break and need repair/replacement - a system that was generally unreliable and time consuming. Phil redesigned the valve into a EPDM ring shaped like an aerofoil and was able to use the Venturi effect to open and close the valve. Utilizing this new design and in conjunction with a modern glass/plastic composite specifically developed as a metal replacement, he was able to massively reduce the weight and size of the pump as well increasing efficiency and reliability over its predecessors. 

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In recent years Water Powered Technologies have developed a control valve system called "Sureflow", the valve of which screws into the Papa Pump exhaust port.  Using a float and rotary valve arrangement, the Sureflow Valve will automatically stop the pump when water levels in the supply tank gets too low and automatically start the pump again when levels pick up.  This gives fully automatic 24/7 pumping even when supply flows are small or intermittent and is especially useful in areas subject to dry periods or low rainfall.

Papa Pump Sureflow Valve academic partners

Water Powered Technologies recognised a demand for large scale water pumping using no fuel or electricity in particularly for plantations, pumped hydro projects and other commercial projects.  Using our proven, scalable technology, a large (the largest in the world at 500mm!) hydro ram was designed and tested. WPT call this pump the Venturo, and it is capable of delivering 4,500 liters per minute. After a field test and evaluation period in conjunction with Innovate UK and the University of Strathclyde, it is being closely examined by a range of potential International commercial partners.


Two more products currently in development are nearing the testing and evaluation stage:

The Matrix - Supply, or Drive Pipe, technology.  A rigid and long supply/drive pipe is essential for ram pump efficiency, however some sites do make this impracticable. The Matrix increases the effective length of the supply pipe so that when the pump valve closes, the mass and momentum of the fluid is greater, thereby increasing the potential pressure increase in the delivery.

The Hydronetic - A self charging surge and back-flow prevention unit containing a two-stage diaphram which suppresses shock in water or hydraulic systems with intermittent flow. It has potential in both domestic and commercial hot or cold water systems and for utility and industrial fluid transfer systems. It also has the potential to replace the pressure vessel in the Papa Pump System.

Papa Pump Matrix academic partners
Papa Pump Hydronetic academic partners

Education Partner Discount

We can help educational and technical establishments by providing technical help and advice plus discounted products for studies and projects.  If you are interested in becoming academic partners, please contact

giving the details of your establishment and outline details of your study or project. 

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