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Water Powered Technologies Ltd are the leading designers of
pumping technologies that use no electricity or fuels


Our products have been developed for many different users, from individual farmers to national governments and water utilities around the world. Not only do our range of systems require no fossil fuel or electric power, they also offer solutions for previously unsolvable challenges created by extreme climatic events such as flooding and drought. We can help companies, regions and communities reduce the cost of transporting clean water and mitigate the damaging effects of climate change.

Company History

Phil Selwyn invents and develops a modern alternative to the traditional zero energy ram pump. By using a new flexible rubber valve, (venturi valve) with a profile similar to an aircraft wing, it allows for a more compact in-line design.

phil selwyn zero energy Papa ram pump inventor company from Cornwall

The first of many patents are granted for the Papa Pump.

The first metal version of the Papa Pump is sold.

Papa zero energy ram pump company metal version

patented globally

The design is refined and a new engineering composite material is used for the main pump components. The non-corrosive construction gives the pump a much longer life, a huge weight reduction and better efficiency compared to its Victorian designed counterparts. The new composite pump hits the market.

Papa zero energy ram pump company image

patented globally

Over 1000 Papa Pumps sold worldwide. Pumps are sold around the world through distributors in many countries.

global image

The Seradisc Filter is produced - a water filter with a larger surface area, fully adjustable to conditions, a unique design to reduce vortexing and a polymer construction which will not degrade. The result is a more efficient water extraction and filtration.

Seradisc water filter image

patented design

New products hit the market! Water Powered Technologies develop the Hydromentum Rainwater Harvesting System for rainfall capture which offers a ‘pump and store’ solution for larger buildings, using no fuels or electricity.

Hydromentum zero energy rainwater harvesting system

3 patents, 1 patent pending

Another important company development at this time is the Venturo Pump, the world's first large scale ram pump aimed at utility markets which require high volume water transfer - eg for off-grid plantations. The Venturo can pump up to 30,000m³ per day using nothing more than the power of moving water.

Venturo 500mm high volume zero energy ram pump

patented globally

New products development from our company. Our products will become even more relevant in a world of evermore challenging water shortages, higher fuel costs and an increasing market for tried and tested ‘green’ solutions.

Sureflow Valve
for low or intermittent flows

sureflow valve accessory for Papa zero energy ram pump

Supply Pipe Technology

Matrix drive pipe technology for ram pump

patented design

Jetstream Tidal Lagoon
incorporating zero energy pumping and solar

jetstream tidal lagoon using Papa zero energy ram pump technology

Dozens of International Patents

Chinese patent image
Netherlands patent image
European patent image
Spanish patent image
Turkey patent image
USA patent image

and Awards....

Papa ram pump company awards
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