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Farmers, Ranchers, Off Grid, Survivalists, Preppers, and Sustainable Agriculture Enthusiasts Declare Your Energy Independence! Pump Water 24/7/365 Without Electricity, Gasoline, Wind, or Solar Power.

WPT's patented water pumping technologies capture the energy of flowing water to deliver it at great heights and distances to where it is needed using only the power of the water itself for an eco friendly solution!  The Papa water ram pump may be a good fit for Rife Davey water pump owners seeking a relacement solution.

Water is an increasingly scarce and valuable commodity, essential to life itself. Yet most people and businesses rely on public utility water which leaves them vulnerable to:

• Supply disruptions
• Price increases
• Usage restrictions

Many people who deliver their own water use old-fashioned water pumps that require an external power source and are often poorly made and expensive to maintain.

But you don’t have to be one of them!

You can achieve water independence and enjoy significant long-term economic benefits through Water Powered Technologies’ renewable energy water delivery solutions:

• Eco friendly and commercially proven - 1000's installed worldwide
• Engineered and manufactured for 30 years or longer of continuous use
• The Papa ram water pump is lightweight – less than 9 pounds each – and durable
• Easy to install and maintain - contains NO moving mechanical components
• Requires no external power at all, just the energy of flowing water itself
• Deliver great quantities of water over long distances and to impressive heights
• Lowest cost of any known water delivery system

Great fit for replacement solution for Rife Davey water pumps.

This green solution pays for itself very quickly and thereafter the water is essentially free!  If you are currently using public utility water for agriculture irrigation, watering livestock or parks/gardens/golf courses etc.

- Imagine the cost savings when your water bill literally goes away!

Q: Who should care?

A: Anyone who desires water independence from the water company – free water! – and values solutions that lower their carbon footprint and are environmentally friendly.

Typical users include:

• Sustainable Agriculture
• Government Entities
• Non-Profit Organizations
• Off-Grid Communities
• Public Parks
• Golf Courses
• Fish Farms
• Water-Treatment Facilities
• Home Owners Associations

Our Mission

If you are serious about securing your water independence and doing so in a way that makes you feel good about the impact on the environment, then do what many others have done: Go with an industry leader for green solutions and give us a call to discuss your situation. Your Mother (Earth) will approve!

To see how our sustainable energy water pumps can solve your water delivery problems, choose from the sectors below applicable to you 


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